10 Reasons Why the Birds will Beat the Stupid Cowboys

(Originally Posted: Friday January 08, 2010)

1. Two times previously the Cowboys have faced a team in the playoffs that they beaten twice in the regular season. They lost to them in the playoffs both times. (2007 Giants, 1998 Cardinals)

2. Dallas hasn’t won a playoff game since 1996. The Eagles have won 10 since then.

3. Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game (0-4). Reid’s never lost a Wild Card game (4-0). Hell, Big Red has never lost his first game of the post season (7-0).

4. Before last Sunday’s debacle, did you think the Birds were gonna win? Yes? Me too. Throw out last week’s game. It was a disaster, but there’s no way this team doesn’t show up again. Reid doesn’t let that happen (after September.)

5. Tony Romo. I don’t believe this guy has turned it around. I have to admit he has looked good in the last few games. You gotta believe that loveable fuck-up that has popped up at the end of the season is still lurking somewhere behind that douche bottle smile of his.

6. Michael Vick’s back. Ummm, scratch that one.

7. Saturday Night Playoff Game. Something funky always seems to go down on the Saturday night Wild Card playoff game. Last year, Indy lost its only game in the middle of what turned out to be a 23 game regular season winning streak to SD in OT. In 2007, the Jags upset the Steelers in Pittsburgh. In 2004, the Jets stunned the Chargers in SD. In 2002, Michael Vick went in to Lambeau and beat the Packers. It was only the 2nd time ever that the Packers lost a playoff game at home. The Patriots-Raiders 2001 Tuck Rule was a Saturday nighter. And my personal fave, Romo fumbling the hold on a game winning FG to win in 2006. (I still love that shot off him sitting on the turf with his hands in his helmet.) Wow, that list was a lot longer than I thought. I actually did some research for this blog, Jerkys.

8. DeShaun Jackson. I’m not really an X’s and O’s guy, but this guy is a difference maker. Get the ball in his hands and magic happens. (I’m talking to you, Donovan!) He was open a number of times last week, and if they got the ball to him, that could have changed the game. The Cowboys also didn’t seem to scared too punt to him either. (Dumb-asses)

9. Dallas sucks. Nuff said.

10. Okay, not enough said. Dallas really sucks. The team, the owner, the fans and even there stupid new stadium. What kind of an asshat puts luxury boxes on field level behind the benches? Reports have it that the fans are so far away from the field that they don’t feel like they’re at the game. And EVERYONE watches the game on the gigantic Jerry-Tron 6000 hanging over the field. One of the Eagles beat guys reported on twitter that the Eagles were practicing in the bubble this week with crowd noise, BUT the crowd noise was not as loud as normal. The Birds aren’t even concerned about the Cowboys “fans” (for lack of a better term) showing up this weekend. The Birds can take the crowd out of this game early. We all know what bandwagon hoppers Cowgirl fans are.

Let’s go Birds!

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