Eagles To Draft Tebow? Not as Crazy as You Think

(Originally Posted: Wednesday March 03, 2010)

How would Tim Tebow look to you in Eagles Green? Sound crazy? Then you haven’t been paying enough attention to what has been going on around here the last couple of years. Now let me be perfectly clear, I haven’t heard or read anything that indicates the Eagles are to draft him. But at this time of the year, that could be a leading indicator of what a team is actually thinking. My job is to prepare my loyal readers. You all need to ready yourself for the possibility that if Tebow is still around late in the 3rd or 4th round, Big Red and whichever figurehead is acting as GM, could pull the trigger on Tebow.

I don’t follow college football. If they ever get their heads out of their respective asses and finally get a playoff system in place, I’ll be all over it. Until then, I’ve got no time for a championship that’s voted on. So I haven’t seen Tebow play much. I’ve watched a couple of his bigger games but he’s never looked like a pro style quarterback. Reports surfaced that he’s changing his throwing motion the week before the combine, so you can’t believe anyone is going to draft him early to be a starting quarterback.

Tebow does offer a few things that are appealing to Andy. (No, not ribs.) First off, I don’t believe that Vick will be here at the start of next season. Hopefully, he’s gone before the draft. So at a minimum, the Eagles are going to need to pick up a 3rd quarterback somewhere in the draft or free agency. The Birds have two 3rd and two 4th round picks, which is where most draftniks think Tebow will ascend from in the draft. Tebow may be a risky pick, but not on a team that has two quarterbacks that can start in this league, and not after the third round.

(Quick draftniks aside: How come no one ever calls the draftniks out for being idiots? Remember all of them saying how Reggie Bush was going to be the best RB of all time? How’s that working out? Why doesn’t anyone go back and look at their mock drafts the week after the draft? It’s just all forgotten about as they plan for next year. Someone should do that. I would, but I’m…uh…busy.)

With the Vick signing last year, Reid’s shown that he’s willing to take risks with personnel. How much more controversial can a guy who did a pro-choice ad be than a guy who drowned dogs be? (We all forgot about that in a hurry, didn’t we?) The Vick Experiment really tipped the scale for Reid’s chances of drafting Tebow. Reid wants to keep doing his Wildcat offense. He’ll need to find another versatile weapon to take over for Vick. You have to admit, the second half of the season, when Vick came in, the Wildcat worked effectively. And Tebow may be faster and in better shape than Vick was last year. Just don’t ask him to throw the ball much.

As much as I’m personally not a fan of Tebow, and I think he’s over the top with the bible versus on his eye black, he is a winner. He’s won at every level he’s played, including the highest levels of college. There is something to be said for that. He is also determined. I’ve read from a number of sources that he will out work anyone. That’s the kind of guy I always want on my football team. If they draft him in the late 3rd round/early 4th and make him the emergency 3rd quarterback or H-back (Does anyone actually know what an H-back is?), I think we may have something here. If Andy is able to use the skills that he has and craft a couple dozen Wildcat plays that opposing defenses have to prepare for every week, I can’t say that this would be a waste of a draft pick. Besides, what else are they going to do? Whiff on another linebacker who doesn’t pan out?

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