Eagles Will Re-Open for Business in 2011

(Originally Posted: Friday April 02, 2010)

Today the Eagles traded Sheldon Brown and Chris Gocong to the Cleveland Brown for third-year outside line backer Alex Hall and Cleveland’s fourth and fifth round picks (105th and 137th overall.) My first thoughts when I heard about this trade immediately went to Sheldon Brown. He was one of the four remaining Eagles from the 2004 Super Bowl team.

Brown was a hard hitter and one of my favorite players. But the Eagles suckered him with one of those “lock up good players early with long term low money deals”, and he’s been unhappy with it for a couple years. So he started complaining about it and now he’s gone. Gocong never really seem to fit in the Eagles system, so I wish him the best of luck in Cleveland’s 3-4 style.

Nw the Eagles have a total of ten picks in the upcoming draft. Whoopee! Does anyone think we’re gonna use them all? But Couch, we’ll use them to move up in the draft! I don’t think so. When we do trade them, we’ll trade them so we’ll have a whole mess of picks in next year’s draft, so we can repeat this whole stupid endless cycle and trade them for picks in the 2012 draft, and so on.

In case it hasn’t been abundantly to all of us before, the Birds have completely written off the 2010 season. It seems like the only position that they haven’t cut or traded a player from yet is quarterback. That’s only because no one else has played ball with us yet. The Birds have cut a ton of dead weight with Andrews, Curtis, Howard and traded away Reggie Brown and Clemons. The desperation the Eagles are starting to show in trying to trade McNabb so they can start Kolb next year, really makes it appear like the Birds are ready to wipe the slate clean and start over fresh.

Is there any possible silver lining in all this garbage that’s gone in the last couple weeks? Maybe. This trade opens the door to the possibility that the Eagles have enough extra picks available to package with McNabb to send to the Raiders to get their second round pick and Nnamdi Asomugha. For those of you who aren’t familiar with any Raiders players, because why bother, Asomugha is one of the top couple cornerbacks in the league. He’s only 28 years old and the kind of shut down player you build defenses around.

The McNabb for Asomugha would make the both the McNabb and Brown trades very palatable for Eagles fans. Of course, the way that this off-season has unfolded, there’s no way of this happening. But it’s nice for a Couch to dream.

I guess today’s Brown(s) trade was the final wake up call for me that 2010 is really a rebuilding year for the Birds. Damn, that’s depressing. On top of breaking in a new quarterback, the team is going to have to rebuild its offensive line, defensive line, linebackers and secondary. When the hell did our receivers become the only competent part of our team?

Alas, all of us Eagles fans need to start accepting the fact that this is an honest to goodness rebuilding year in Philadelphia. (The Eagles better pray to god that the Phillies make another run to the Series, so no one notices until November.) I try really hard not to be a typical negative Philadelphia fan. I just don’t see the master plan for 2010. I do admit I have been wrong before. There were other years that I thought the team wasn’t going to be very good, but they still went deep into the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong again this year. There’s still plenty of off-season to go. And that’s a good thing. Because there’s a lot of work left to do on this Eagles team in order for them to compete in 2010.

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