First Round Round-Up

(Originally Posted: Friday April 23, 2010)

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! How could I’ve been such an idiot? I bought into the hype. I believed the lies. I completely forgot the first rule of Andy Reid Draft Club. He loves him some Big MEN. Reid always takes lineman in the first round of the draft. I can’t believe I forgot that going into this year’s draft.

Everyone was thinking safety in the first round for the Birds. Everyone. (Well, you know, except the guys who make the decisions.) When the Eagles were nice enough to trade up during the second intermission of the Flyers series clinching playoff game to the 13th pick, the stars were aligned for them to grab the second best safety Thomas out of Texas. But why would anything go as expected this off-season? The Eagles selected defensive end Brandon Graham out of the Michigan instead. For the second time this month, I was shocked. Well played, Andy.

I was so disappointed. I’m not even sure why. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I got so wrapped up in all the “we have to take a safety in the first round” hype. I’ve never seen Thomas or Berry play. I didn’t know anything about Graham either. I don’t know anything about college players. They really need a playoff system if they want the Couch to start watching. (So hop to it, NCAA!)

After the initial twitter bitching wore off, some information on Graham started to trickle through, and I liked what I saw. Adam Schefter predicted that he would be the Defensive rookie of the year. CNNSI compared him to Dwight Freeney. Reports of his Senior Bowl performance were spectacular. Some of Graham’s quotes from the Eagles were along the lines of: I’m not here to talk; I’m here to work. I liked that a lot.

I also liked the trade the Eagles made to move up. They used both of their third round picks along with their own first, but didn’t sacrifice any of their seconds. If they can draft a couple of defensive backs in the second round today that can contribute this year, this defense just might be on to something.

Some other quick draft thoughts:

Can’t believe that Tebow was taken in the first round. It was obvious that Denver had targeted him with all the times they kept moving down. Did you see his draft party? What a bunch of douche bottles! Was he handing out those shirts at the door?

If my first round pick has a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry on at the draft, I’m a little concerned.

I watched the ESPN coverage out of habit. Still not sure why. I wish the John Gruden who was talking coming out of commercial breaks was the same one who talked during the rest of the coverage. Did the guy that Berman was waving at when they came back to early get fired yet?

The guy the Cowboys drafted, Dez Bryant, scares me on multiple levels. Hopefully Jerry Jones still has PacMan Jones’ “bodyguards” around to keep him out of trouble. If he stays out of trouble, he’s going to haunt the Eagles for a long time.

Loved hearing all the analysts saying that the Viking couldn’t draft Jimmy Clausen because they can’t do that to Brett Favre. He hasn’t committed to playing to your team this season let alone the next five.

As much bitching as I did about the new draft format, I got to admit I liked it in prime time. (Especially now that I have kids.) Only complaint is that it felt like it was too fast, but having this whole day between rounds one and two is fascinating.

Make sure to join me on Twitter for Rounds 2 and 3 tonight!

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