McNabb to the Redskins: SERIOUSLY????

(Originally Posted:  Monday April 05, 2010)

“My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”
  -President Gerald R. Ford, remarks on taking the oath of office, August 9, 1974.

We’ve been talking about Donovan McNabb getting traded off the Philadelphia Eagles since the 3rd quarter of the Wild Card game in January. We all knew it was coming. We knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. We thought we were ready. I was honestly expecting it to be a relief at this point. But as with everything else with the Reid-McNabb era in Philadelphia, why should McNabb’s exit be easy or smooth?

I saw some of the whispers on the internet on Saturday of McNabb to the Redskins, but just shook them off with the rest of the rumors. There’s no way that Reid would trade McNabb in the division. It’s unfathomable. On Sunday, I unplugged myself from the matrix for a day, so I had no clue of what kind of hell was breaking loose. When Gridiron Gangstaz texted me about the trade about 10 minutes before it was official, I just poo-poo’d the rumor. Still didn’t believe it. Then my cell phone exploded. Everyone texted me: Balloonknots, Cheeze, Rage, LadyKillers, even Aunt Kathleen (but I think she had a question about the Amazing Race.) I knew we were trading McNabb, but I was not prepared for this. They traded him to the Redskins. WHAT????

Mrs. Couch did the prudent thing and went straight to bed. I took to Twitter and found a mass of Eagles fans wondering around aimlessly trying to figure out what just happened. It reminded me of walking out of the Vet for the last time after the NFC Championship game against the Bucs. Everyone was in total shock, and didn’t know what to do next. How could they do this? Trade McNabb in the division? I want my Mommy.

So now the Eagles are going to play against McNabb twice next year, and possibly for the next five years? I don’t get it. Does Andy feel that McNabb has really fallen off that much that he’s not a threat to the Birds? Giants coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t happy with the trade. He’s already been quoted as being upset to still have to face McNabb twice a year. Does Andy think he knows McNabb so well that he’ll be able to game plan against him? (That’s not a bad theory; I think I can do that. Just make him throw 4-yard routes.)

Now, I know that I’ve gone on record saying that the Eagles shouldn’t trade McNabb to the Raiders out of respect, but there are a lot of teams in aren’t the Raiders or in the NFC East. There had to be a deal out there that could have satisfied McNabb and the Eagles that would have sent him out of the division. I refuse to believe the Raiders and Redskins were the only options. Reid doubled down on his risk by not just getting rid of McNabb but keeping him in the division. If Kolb is the next Bobby Hoying, and McNabb resurrects the Redskins, he’s going to have some problems. It may even cost him his job. Actually, scratch that, it better cost him his job.

(We’ll delve more into Kolb and his future as the Eagles starting quarterback later this week. As well as the months and years to come.)

Something else that bothers me about this trade is its juxtaposition with the Sheldon Brown trade on Friday. Sheldon signed a long-term contract with the Eagles early in his career and then became upset now that he is getting paid under market value. So the Eagles, as the usually do, showed him the door. They’ve done this with a ton of players. I find it odd that they are so willing to show so many former key players the door when they become disgruntled, but they bend over backwards and possibly take less compensation to send McNabb within the division to make him happy. The McNabb trade potentially weakens the Birds by taking lower/less picks and makes a division rival stronger. Something just ain’t right there. I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS.

So our long Eagles nightmare is not over. McNabb is gone, but not completely. He’s going to be back. Twice a year. We’re going have to deal with all this drama and crap that we’ve put up with over this off-season and the entire McNabb era. You think the clip of booing Donovan at the draft is gone? Guess again. You’ll be seeing that all weekend when we play Washington. I’ve already seen it thrice since the trade happened.

I love Donovan. I wanted to wish him the best of luck and for us all to go our separate ways. That’s not going to happen. He’s not going away, and it’s not his fault. I just wanted this to all be over, so we can happily move on to the Kevin Kolb era. I’m an Eagles fan, I should have known that was too much to ask.

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