Nice Job, Spadaro! (idiot)

(Originally Posted: Thursday January 07, 2010)

Quick background for those of you who don’t know, head team writer and PR flunky, Dave Spadaro, spit on the star at the middle of the Cowboys stadium before last week’s game. It was on the Eagles website for about an hour before it was removed by the team. Some loser Cowboys fan found it and posted it somewhere, so it still lives on the internets if you want to see it.

When I first heard about this, my reaction was probably the same as yours. Fuck yeah! Screw the Cowboys! Spadaro actually did something cool! Now I’ve had a little time to think about and I think I’m going the other way on this for two reasons.

First, who the fuck is David Spadaro? He’s been the team’s mouthpiece for the better part of a decade. Class it up a bit, dude. I’m a big proponent of players and/or fans disrespecting another team logo, stadium, banner, mascot, coach, etc. I loved TO posing on the star. I hate when opposing players do that flapping bird to us (that really gets under my skin.) It’s the job of the players and to a lesser degree the fans to do that. Not someone working in the front office. Especially this douche bottle. (Note on douche bottle: I’ve decided that since no one uses douche bags anymore, that we should update the expression as well.)

Secondly, and more importantly, it gives the country another excuse to point and mock the ugly Philadelphia fan. It’s such an easy story for lazy sports writers across the nation to churn out. I like Philly have the reputation as the city that you don’t want to come to wearing the visiting jersey. I like being known as being tough on our players. I like that we’re known for our knowledge of the game and that we let our players know how we feel when they are dogging it out there.

I hate that knucklehead shit we’re known for. Say it with me, everybody. Booing McNabb at the draft, ice balls at Jimmy Johnson, batteries at JD Drew, flare guns on Monday Night Football and of course, snowballs at Santa. This is just another stupid incident for the Philly haters to add to the list.

So do I think Spadaro should get fired over this incident? No. Do I think he will? Yes. They’ll probably do in the middle of the offseason when most people won’t notice. I’ll be glad when he’s gone. Never liked him before, and this secured his spot on my douche bottle list. (Hey that’s a good idea! Look for my First Annual Douche Bottle List some point this offseason)

Still hate the Cowboys more. Let’s go Birds!

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