Where is Our Apology?

(Originally Posted: Friday November 12, 2010)

Philly fans are and have been the national media’s whipping boys for my whole life time. We’re tough jerks who are hard on opposing teams and expect the world out of our players. It’s an image that is well deserved and for the most part have embraced. The one facet of Philly fans that a majority of the media does not acknowledge is that we are also among the most knowledgeable fans in the country.

So late last season when it became clear that McNabb was going to be moved, and most Eagles fans were okay with that, the national media pounced. Story after story and pundit after pundit took their turns trashing Eagles fans for not respecting everything that McNabb has done for the city, and not realizing what a great player he was for us. But the one thing that Eagles fans had done, that the national media hadn’t, was watch all of McNabb’s game over the last 11 years, and saw his decline that was coming. Why bother watching tape when you can just write and easy story about a city throwing snow balls at Santa FORTY YEARS ago.

We were all sad to see McNabb go to Washington. It was tough to watch him put on an NFC East uniform, but we knew it was time to move on. We thought it was time for the Kolb era, which turned into the Vick era, and luckily both of which are better than what 5 is doing in Washington.

When the Redskins came into Philly a month ago, all I heard and read was about how will the Eagles fans react? They were acting like Donovan was going to need a bullet proof vest to play the game. And what did the Eagles fans do? The exact right thing. Cheer for him during intros, and boo him once the game started. Did we get props for that? Barely. If we booed him during intros, it would have been a week long story.

So now in Washington, it’s becoming blazingly obvious that McNabb has lost a lot of his “magic.” To the point that Shannahan benched him for Sexy Rexy Grossman with two minutes to go, down by less then a touchdown against the Lions. We all saw what happened next. Apparently Shannahan’s got some buyers remorse, and now McNabb won’t be back in Washington next year.

In the almost two weeks since that debacle, there has been plenty of trashing of Shannahan, a ton of questioning of McNabb abilities and a great deal of praise heaped upon Coach Reid and the Eagles organization for knowing when to cut bait with their franchise quarterback for over a decade.

But nary has a word been said about all the fans who said in the winter and spring that it was time to move on from McNabb.

Look, I understand asking the national media to apologize to Philly fans is like asking them to acknowledge an incorrect opinion they spewed out before the season started, or even a week before, but come on. You guys kill us every chance you get, so how about a little love for once. McNabb will always have a special place in our hearts, and when his number is retired at the Linc (along with 20 and 36) it will be one of the most emotional ceremonies in Eagles history.

We fans understand everything he’s done for the Eagles and the city, but we knew it was time to move on. We understand the game and business of football and hanging on to a player for sentimental reasons isn’t going to do your franchise any good, except maybe sell a couple more jerseys.

So go ahead national media ignore us when we’re right and agree with the tough decisions that our good for our team because we actually watch every game, and wait for a knucklehead or 30 to do something stupid and trash an entire fan base and city for that. We know that most of you are lazy and never take the time to look beyond the top layer of a story, so I guess I might as well for the Cowboys to win another game, while waiting for that apology.

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