No Common Sense Left in The NFL


Unfortunately, what I feared in my last column came to pass. I have begun down the dark path of apathy with the NFL. I haven’t written in a while about my anger with the NFL and NFLPA, because it has honestly become shouting at the wind. Pointless and aggravating. I feel like I’ve made the same assertions over and over again: While the players and owners keep giving lip service to how much they care about the fans, it’s painfully obvious all they care about in the labor dispute is themselves.

While I’ve beaten that point into the ground, and didn’t think those knuckleheads could get any worse, I have again been proven wrong. Now another group has decided to throw their hats in as a completely oblivious and uncaring about their fans/customers.

Several NFL teams have been cutting the pay and even temporally furloughing non-football personnel over the last few weeks. To be clear, the Lockout HAS NOT AFFECTED ANY OF THE NFL OWNERS FOOTBALL RELATED INCOME YET. So these owners, who have stadiums financed by taxpayers, have the gull to cut the pay of employees who have nothing to do with the Lockout?

Without a doubt, this is the most disgusting act perpetrated by anyone related to the labor mess. As much as we fans are incredulous that we might not have our favorite pastime this fall, these billionaires have actually stopped paying people who have nothing to do with the Lockout. Why isn’t this getting more attention? Why isn’t the media railing against this injustice daily?

The worst offenders by far are the Kansas City Chiefs, who’ve actually seen an INCREASE in season ticket sales this year, but still enacted pay cuts on their non-football personnel. Let me say that again: To date in 2011, the Kansas City Chiefs have brought in MORE MONEY than last year, but have cut the salaries of their non-football personnel, who have nothing to do with the Lockout. Lamar Hunt would be ashamed if he was still alive.

The newest offenders that’s dropped the ball recently (Hey look, a football reference!), is not the players, but actually my old adversary DirecTV. They graciously announced last week that they will not be charging subscribers to the NFL Sunday Ticket for the product until the Lockout is officially over, and the NFL announces games will be played. (Duh.)

If you do a Google news search, you will find tons of stories about it. Buried in those stories, and impossible to find in another Google search, is DirecTV’s increasing the price of the Sunday Ticket this year. This year. Right after the Lockout, when the NFL just gave the whole world the finger, DirecTV is going to charge you MORE for a product that you might not get this year. Inconceivable!

I’m exhausted. Literally exhausted by all the buffoonery going on around the Lockout. I’m tired of the owners, the players, their reps and the lawyers. I don’t want to try to decipher any more of this garbage coming out of the 8th circuit, and I don’t want to see any more of these idiots making bonehead decisions that a first year public relations student wouldn’t make. Can we please just end this so we can get back to the owners just making stupid decisions about player signings? Please?

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1 Response to No Common Sense Left in The NFL

  1. Matt says:


    As if Directv doesn’t get enough of my money for all those terrible movie channels that keep repeating movies from the 80’s all day and all night.

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