EaglesCouch Change – July 28, 2011

Here are some thoughts I’ve had thus far into the new NFL Year, post lockout:

Welcome Home, Babin

  • I’m glad the lockout is over and I have dove head first into all the player movement news like it never happened. Am I still pissed about the 138 day Lockout? You bet. Am I going to boycott and ignore what’s going on now? Hells no. That will only punish me. If the fans really want to teach the NFL not to us take for granted, we should all boycott the pre-season games. That will hit them in the pocketbook, and wouldn’t punish us. I would write a longer column on this but none of my other call for actions during the lockout ever gained much traction. So I’m moving on from the Labor garbage.
  • For the love of Jebus, can we just get the Kolb trade over with alre? Just one way or the other. I feel like an expectant father in the waiting roomwho’s been waiting for 36 hours for my wife to pop out this baby. (Yes, I’m from the 50s in this scenario.) Just get it over with so we can all move on. We know it’s going to happen, and it seems like the Eagles can’t/won’t make any other moves until it happens.
  • I would be more than happy to keep Kolb as the backup this year because Vick isn’t going to play 16 games. (Unless we sign a whole new offensive line.) The rumored compensation of Rodgers-Cromartie plus a pick looks fantastic.
  • Can’t believe I’m writing this, but I think the Eagles are going to sign Vince Young to be as the backup QB, and it’s a good idea. Give him a one year contract, let him start the three or four games that Vick misses and rebuild his image. Reid is the magic man with QBs, so he should be able to do something with Young. (See: Kolb, Kevin; Feely, AJ; Detmer, ALL; McNabb, Donovan.) Young will also give Kafka another year to mature and step into the number two role next year.
  • Big ups for the Babin signing. He was great under Washburn last year. Very happy we didn’t get in to bed with that cancer Haynesworth. Even though it’s a “five-year” deal, the Birds have only committed money for two.
  • The DeSean Jackson holdout is nothing to be too concerned about. The Birds need to get the Kolb deal done before moving on to getting him a new deal. They also will be releasing some more veterans today (Thursday) at 4:00, which will give them more room to give DJax his money.
  • I’m so glad to be writing about football again instead of stupid lawyers. 45 days to Kickoff! Let’s go Birds!

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