Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

When it comes to the Eagles, I’ve always considered myself an even keeled arbitrator of the team. I’ll admit I have overreacted one way or another for comedic effect, but I usually give you guys the straight poop. Just 24 hours ago, I felt like the Eagles were going to be fine and their rough early start was just another typical Reid led Eagles team in September. I figured they were just getting their crap together and will be okay. Even if they had won yesterday’s game in ugly fashion, I wouldn’t be too worried.

But after seeing that abortion they laid out on the field and reading the comments from Cullen Jenkins after the game, I’m very close to giving up on the season, and ready to have some honest, uncomfortable discussions about the future of Andy Reid with the Eagles.

Jenkins, who won a Super Bowl just this year, said that in the 2nd half the 49ers, “wanted it more than we did.” That’s just about the worst thing you can hear about your team. No scratch that; That IS the worst thing you can hear about your team. You can have all the talent in the world and spend all the money in the Lurie’s pockets, but if the desire’s not there on the field, you’re never going to win. It almost seems like this team lost its heart in 2009. I wonder what’s different.

What Can Brown Do For You? (Yes, a poop joke.)

Quick question: Has Ronnie Brown been cut yet?… No, why not? That backwards throw was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in my life. Hey Andy, here’s an idea: If you’re going to try to use Brown on a goal to go inside the 3, why don’t you just put him behind center? You used to love the Wildcat; instead of giving him a second to pause behind the line of scrimmage and have our offense lineman to get blown off the line, let Brown (try to) just push threw. It’s better than letting Vick’s body get punished some more with a predictable sneak. While we’re on Vick…

Remember when Vick would take off running and it was exciting for us Eagles fans? Now it scares the bejesus out of me. Last year, Vick’s running meant good things we’re going to happen for the Eagles. Now? I hold my breath and hope he holds on to the ball and doesn’t shatter. How did that happen so fast? He went from the ultimate weapon to something I want to wrap in bubble wrap and put in the closet next to my faberge eggs. Luckily, we haven’t given him a long term contract yet. (groan.)

While Reid and Banner went out on their August shopping spree, somebody must have spilled gravy on the list where it said: Linebacks, Offensive Lineman and Safeties. They spent all this money on free agents to the point it became showing off (see: Washington Redskins 2000; Boston Red Sox 2011; New York Yankees 1973-Current), but we didn’t spend much, if any money, on the biggest need positions. That’s a problem.

Reid’s never been a big believer in linebackers, so I’ll give him a little slack their, but what made this team a perennial deep playoff contender in the earlier ’00s was the solid and consistent offensive line. We’re trying to fill holes with rookies and toss-offs from other teams. It’s as if Andy has become too enamored with his new exciting skill position toys and forgotten his own fundamentals.

Why does every third pass seem to be an (incomplete) bomb down the field? We start off seemingly every drive with those. McCoy has turned into the most effective running backs in the league, yet he is still being under utilized. (McCoy, Westbrook, potato, potatoe.) <-That joke really doesn’t work in written form.

The Eagles have dug already themselves into a dark hole, but it’s not one they haven’t dug out of before. It’s just harder to imagine this year, especially with the newest injuries suffered. And it’s not time to call for an end of the Reid era. Yet. Many premature obituaries have been written for Big Red in the past when his team has gotten off to a slow start. One of my favorite attributes about Reid teams has always been their ability to bounce back from slow starts. But this does not feel like a Reid team. They’ve blown 4th quarter leads in three straight games. Plus they just haven’t been fun to watch. Is it possible he’s finally been here too long and players have tuned him out? Cullen Jenkins says “The biggest thing that we’re missing here is attitude.” That usually comes from the top down.

The only thing that scares me more than staying in the Reid era too long is the dopey blond color analyst from Bristol who loves everyone a little too much that’s probably going to end up replacing him.

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4 Responses to Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

  1. Uncle Joe says:

    Right on nephew!! Its over for the year. Coaching and lack of effort has doomed the eagles.

    Go Phillies!!!

  2. Nice read… I was an outcast about this time last year when a small rag tag group of us assembled in Camp Kolb and now I know I was right. Not because 7 isn’t electric and not because of the heinous things he’s done, but he is an injury risk and because Vick the passer has (historically) never been better than streaky… and now you get that for a whole of $$$. I think that, eventually (not sure what the statute of limitations is on eventually) will rue (sp?) keeping Vick over Kolb.

    • eaglescouch says:

      While I’m still not sure Kamp Kolb is right, I don’t know why the Eagles rushed into extending Vick’s contract. Kolb may not have been a much better long term either, but only four games in, does anyone think it was a good idea to pin our hopes to Vick for the next three years or so?

  3. Johnny D says:

    Great blog. Here is our problem with the “they wanted it more”: When Roseman went on the signing spree and stupid Vince Young made a off handed reference to (insert STUPID, STUPID, STUPID comment here), every team looked at their schedule, took a look to see if they were playing the Eagles and if so, circled it with indelible red ink. That game became a “must win” for them. This means that the Eagles have to go into every game with that same “must win” attitude but they don’t have it. I blame Reid. It’s “my responsibility” to get the player ready to play and understand the bullseye that have on them but it isn’t getting done. I am tired of Andy and his fucking stupid, ignorant, and just plain rude explanations ( really they are middle fingers to the fans) during his Monday press conference. I will always root for the laundry but I’m sick to my stomach and fucking angry. Ronnie Brown should be cut. So should Marty for calling such a rediculous play in the first place and putting that thought into Brown’s head that that would be a smart move there. Arrrrrhhhhhggggg!!!!!!

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