Eagles vs Seahawks Drinking Game: We Need to Do Something Tonight

We need to keep this game bearable. Image Credit: bit.ly/rowens27

We all know tonight’s Eagles game is going to be a disaster, and worst yet, meaningless. So here’s a little something to make it a bit more enjoyable…a good ol’ fashion drinking game! Call out of work in advance, because this is designed to have you unconscious before the Eagles blow the lead in the 4th quarter.

Drink when:

  • They mention the phrase “Dream Team.”
  • They mention the term “12th man.”
  • The NFL Network tries to make this game seem relevant.
  • The Eagles start a drive with an incomplete long bomb.
  • Andy Reid throws it on 3rd and short.
  • The phrase “Wide Nine” is used. (Enough already. It doesn’t work and most of the teams in the league use a variation of it anyway.)
  • Vince Young throws an interception. (H/T @PHSportsGoddess)
  • They talk about how loud the Seattle fans are. (It has nothing to do with the fans, the stadium is built like an acoustic drum.)
  • They say “National Football League” when “NFL” will do. (H/T @BaldBryan)
  • A McDonald’s commercial with a man being emasculated by his girlfriend.
  • A light beer commercial with douchebags. (Finish your beer if your drinking that brand.)
  • NFL Network commercial with the top 10 touchdown of the week.
  • Any commercial with a fake press conference. (I’m looking at you, Ford and Coors Light.)
  • A defensive back misses a tackle. (H/T @bmac2838)
  • DeSean Jackson negates a big play with a stupid penalty.
  • DeSean Jackson get benched. (Finish your drink.)
  • The term “diva receiver” (H/T @ChipCarRoll3)
  • They mention Pete Carroll and USC’s suspension. (Yeah, right.)
  • Casey Matthews makes a play. (Finish every drop of alcohol in your house. Click here for why.)
  • Howard Mudd attacks another coach with his crutches on the sideline.
  • Reid loses a challenge.
  • Reid wins a challenge. (Drink triple.)
  • They mention that Riley Cooper and Tim Tebow were roommates in college.
  • The halftime crew laugh like idiots at something not funny.
  • Tavaris Jackson throws for a second touchdown. (C’mon, this guy suuuuucks.)
  • Marshawn Lynch out rushes LeSean McCoy. (See Jackson, Tavaris.)
  • Every time a player begs the ref to throw a flag. (Either team)
  • There’s a five minute discussion on what is a “defenseless receiver.”
  • Eagles burn a timeout in the first or third quarter.
  • Any mention or commercial or specter of Brett Favre. (You can’t kill him.)
  • Any mention of Tebow. (He’s Favre 2.0)
  • Jon Gruden says “This Guy.” (My bad, that’s from my Monday Night Football list.)
  • Alex Henery misses a field goal.
  • Alex Henery makes a field goal. (Odds are pretty even between those two. Just drink if he shows up on the field.)
  • A field goal attempt is higher than the goalposts. (That one is for Adam Carolla.)
  • Analysts move onto this weekends slate of games because this game has become an utter bore. (Keep drinking until they are done talking about it.)
  • Plugs for NFL.com
  • Shot of Vick on sideline. If he’s smiling while the Eagles are losing, do a shot.
  • Shot of Howard Eskin standing right behind Reid on the sideline. (Drink double if he’s fur ensconced.)
  • Mike Kafka makes an appearance. (They show him on the sideline or in the game. Either way, that’s bad.)
  • Each time Reid clear his throat during during the post game press confrence. (H/T @BleedsGreen60)
  • Andy Reid says: “We’ve got to do a better job out there,” “It’s my responsibility,” or “I got put these guys in a position to make plays,” during post game presser.
Estebomb’s Extras:
  • They make mention of Juan Castillo being a former offensive line coach.
  • A Steve Smith touchdown. (shot)
  • Any McNabb talk. (Since he was cut by the Vikings today.)
  • Shot of Howard Mudd angrily hobbling on his cane.
  • Vince Young looks like he’s going for a big run and gets nothing.
  • Shady McCoy makes enthusiastic physical contact with a coach. (punches Reid, hip bumps Mudd, etc.)

Please add any more ideas in the comments. It’s gonna be a long night if you’re sober.

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A man in search of a mission at the age of 40.
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2 Responses to Eagles vs Seahawks Drinking Game: We Need to Do Something Tonight

  1. Mike Burke says:

    Guess I’m blacking out tonight…

  2. millerj83 says:

    Wow, these are a ton of stipulations here. If I was playing, I’ll be gone by half-time. haha

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