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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here

When it comes to the Eagles, I’ve always considered myself an even keeled arbitrator of the team. I’ll admit I have overreacted one way or another for comedic effect, but I usually give you guys the straight poop. Just 24 hours ago, … Continue reading

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Couch Cover: Eagles v Ravens – Book Your Hotel in Indy NOW!!!

Yes, I’m being a bit fictitious with that title, but there was very little during last night’s game not to get excited about. The Eagles starters looked strong like bull. Vick was firing lasers out there. (Hat tip to Boy … Continue reading

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NFL’s Desperation to Save Hall Of Fame Game Shows Pre-Season’s True Worth

I abhor the NFL pre-season. As I wrote last year, it’s the biggest tease in all of sports. But for the first time in my life, I’m rooting hard for a pre-season this year. It will indicate that this idiotic NFL … Continue reading

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DirecTV Cancelation Play by Play

As you all know, and are probably tired of hearing about by now, I’m cancelling my DirecTV as part of my one fan lockout of the NFL. Well, I finally got around to calling them and doing it today. (The Couch may be … Continue reading

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Someone Responded to My Letter to Goodell…but not the NFL

As my loyal reader know, I mailed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  last month and a number of the major “Official Sponsors of the NFL” letting them know I would be boycotting their products and official league merchandise if/when there … Continue reading

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One Step Closer to Two-Hand Touch

Some honest to god sport related NFL news penetrated the CBA storm yesterday, but of course as with all other news recently, it’s quite disappointing. Yesterday the Competition Committee recommended major changes to kickoffs, moving the kickoff back to the … Continue reading

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NFLPA To Rookies: Welcome To The NFL! Now Shut Up and Sit Down

It’s amazing how quickly perception changes these days. The last couple of weeks in February before the CBA blew up, I was struggling to try to figure out the NFLPA’s culpability in the labor mess. I was unable to come up with an … Continue reading

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