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No Common Sense Left in The NFL

Unfortunately, what I feared in my last column came to pass. I have begun down the dark path of apathy with the NFL. I haven’t written in a while about my anger with the NFL and NFLPA, because it has honestly … Continue reading

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DirecTV Cancelation Play by Play

As you all know, and are probably tired of hearing about by now, I’m cancelling my DirecTV as part of my one fan lockout of the NFL. Well, I finally got around to calling them and doing it today. (The Couch may be … Continue reading

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Someone Responded to My Letter to Goodell…but not the NFL

As my loyal reader know, I mailed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  last month and a number of the major “Official Sponsors of the NFL” letting them know I would be boycotting their products and official league merchandise if/when there … Continue reading

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My Letter To Mr. Goodell

(This letter has actually been printed out, put in an envelope, addressed, affixed with a stamp and sent via U.S. Mail to Commissioner Roger Goodell. Hard copies have also been sent to all the company heads listed at the bottom.)  February 23, … Continue reading

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