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We NFL Fans Aren’t Mad Enough For The Media

The NFL labor war and Lockout is now entering year 23 with little to no progress. Okay, my math is a little off, but that’s how it feels to some of us diehards who follow the NFL 363 days a year. (Yes, … Continue reading

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Predicting the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule

1. Sunday, September 11 at St. Louis 1 PM 0-0 TIE 2. Sunday, September 18 at Atlanta 8:20 PM 0-0 TIE 3. Sunday, September 25 vs. N.Y. Giants 1 PM 0-0 TIE 4. Sunday, October 2 vs. San Francisco 1 … Continue reading

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Draft Players, Not Measurables

The NFL Draft is less than ten days away, and the only oasis we have in the morass of the current labor disaster. I love the Draft. I watch it every year. One thing I’m always puzzled by is how … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Injunction! Clap-Clap-Clap

I know, I know, I know. You’re tired about reading all the NFL labor garbage. Believe me, I am too. I’m sorry, but I racked my brains all weekend to find something else to write about, but this was it. … Continue reading

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Do Eagles Fans Take Andy Reid For Granted? Yep.

ESPN.com put out a power rating of current NFL head coaches this week, and our own Eagles coach Andy Reid finished third, behind Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. The last two Super Bowl winning head coaches, Mike … Continue reading

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What Do Fans Owe NFL Players?

When the NFL labor situation came into football fans worldview earlier this year, it is safe to say that most fans were on the player’s side. Why not? It’s our natural inclination to take the side of unions against management … Continue reading

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DirecTV Cancelation Play by Play

As you all know, and are probably tired of hearing about by now, I’m cancelling my DirecTV as part of my one fan lockout of the NFL. Well, I finally got around to calling them and doing it today. (The Couch may be … Continue reading

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Someone Responded to My Letter to Goodell…but not the NFL

As my loyal reader know, I mailed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  last month and a number of the major “Official Sponsors of the NFL” letting them know I would be boycotting their products and official league merchandise if/when there … Continue reading

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One Step Closer to Two-Hand Touch

Some honest to god sport related NFL news penetrated the CBA storm yesterday, but of course as with all other news recently, it’s quite disappointing. Yesterday the Competition Committee recommended major changes to kickoffs, moving the kickoff back to the … Continue reading

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NFLPA To Rookies: Welcome To The NFL! Now Shut Up and Sit Down

It’s amazing how quickly perception changes these days. The last couple of weeks in February before the CBA blew up, I was struggling to try to figure out the NFLPA’s culpability in the labor mess. I was unable to come up with an … Continue reading

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