Worst. Eagles Win. Ever.

The Eagles played flawlessly on all sides of the ball yesterday against the Jets. Michael Vick looked like the quarterback he was last year. LeSean McCoy played like the league’s best running back, as he has all year. DeSean Jackson played like a guy who cared. The defensive line fired on all cylinders and spent the whole game in Sanchez’s face. They won the turnover battle and returned an interception for a touchdown. Even the special teams performed well.

As the Eagles manhandled the Jets and ran up the score, I just started to get angry. Where the hell has this team been all season? This was the “Dream Team” we’ve been waiting to show up all year. (Yes, I’m so pissed; I went with the stupid “DT” reference.) Besides the Dallas game, the Eagles haven’t showed anything like this all season.

Source: AP Photo/Matt Slocum

With the Stupid Giants losing yesterday, the Eagles slim playoff hopes are still alive on life support. (We need the Giants to lose to the Jets next weekend and then beat the Cowboys in week 17, plus the Eagles to win out and then we win the NFC East.) But I’m not allowing the Eagles to suck me back in. They’ve disappointed me too many times this year to let it happen again. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)

The Eagles just blew it this year. If the team that played yesterday showed up a month ago, or even just once against the Falcons, 49ers or Cardinals, we’d be in the driver’s seat for the playoffs right now. And that is the most frustrating thing about yesterday’s win. We have finally seen what this Eagles team is capable of. With only three weeks left in the season.

What was different about yesterday than most of the season? It’s not like the Jets are push overs, they’re currently a playoff team in the AFC. Is Vick healthier? Did the cornerbacks finally decide to cover? Did someone go around and put stickum on all the receivers’ gloves so they wouldn’t turnover the ball?  Is Juan Castillo finally figuring it out? (FYI…two more games like this, and I bet he’s back next year along with Reid.)

You can call me a typical Philly fan who’s never satisfied, and just looking for something to complain about, but after this debacle of a season; how can you be happy about seeing this team finally performing at a high level? Why couldn’t they have figured this out in November when there was still time to make a run? Yes, it would be nice to win out, but it’s going to be too little too late. Arrgghhhh!

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